RV Detailing

Why Should you Take Extra Care Of Your RV or Boat ?

Why is detailing so important at Switzer Endeavors? For the following 10 reasons:

1. You avoid winding up with scratches and mars to the exterior that decrease the value of your ride.
2. Over time, the paint job can deteriorate as a result of poor-quality washing systems and methods.
3. Your RV is a reflection of your image. Detailing shows you care about your precious possessions. 
4. Detailing helps you retain the value of your RV because it’s given “the right kind” of perpetual care. 
5. When you trade up, the care you took by regularly detailing it will show up when it’s value is appraised.
6. Regular detailing often helps “the health” of your car, just like oil changes and spark plug substitutions.
7. The condition of your exterior paint job benefits greatly from proper cleaning, polishing and waxing. 
8. If your RV is exposed to road salt, a good detailing can prevent under-chassis rusting and deterioration.
9. Increase visibility; grunge-free headlights and tail lights improve your safety in bad weather and after dark.
10. Interior detailing can protect surfaces from fading and abolish offensive smells that build up over time.

In sum, a regular Switzer detailing extends the life of your RV, increases its resale value and keeps you and your passengers safer down the road and into the future. ​
​Looking for a reliable professional to cater to your RV repair and maintenance needs? You’re at the right place! Expect us to work on all makes and models of motorized and tow-able RVs with ease.