Colorado Springs ​RV & Boat Storage


Can you put a price on our RV storage service?

        Switzer Endeavors may be a new name on the Colorado Springs storage scene, but we like to compare ourselves to doctors: Sure, physicians who have been around for years are to be respected, but who doesn’t prefer a physician whose more recent training means he or she is up-to-date with the latest protocols? We know the ins and outs of RV storage as they relate to Colorado, so the advantages are clear. 
Further, our focus is on clients who enjoy healthy incomes and lifestyles, which is why we go the extra mile to treat vehicles to white glove service and an extraordinary level of personal care. Whether you wish to store your RV for months or weeks, we’ll look after your investment thoughtfully and expertly.

Silly question, because your family’s safety and well-being literally ride on the wheels of your RV, which also happens to be one of your most valuable assets. But our company is filled with RV owners too, and we know that the fun families have on excursions can be diminished if you’re having to pay through the rood for your storage needs. That’s why we hold the line on pricing so everyone can afford our rates.

Your monthly fee covers everything you could imagine, from the aforementioned service and security checks to unlimited attention by our staff that takes your payment amount down to a fairly low sum. Your phone call is all it takes to say you’re coming to retrieve your vehicle and you won’t be standing around waiting to have it checked because as a matter of course, that’s done all the time. 

And just because you decide to set off on your latest adventure in the evening, that doesn’t mean you must wait for morning to pick up your ride. We are happy to meet you when you need us, so you’re never inconvenienced and your journey isn’t delayed a minute. When it comes to Camper Storage Colorado Springs facilities, we don’t disappoint. Just ask our current clients about why they keep returning!


Colorado Springs Boat Storage

Even if you do have garage space, a boat takes up a lot of space . Parking on the street or in your backyard isn’t exactly convenient or legal according to some HOA’s – but storing with us is. We can keep your boat safe and protected all year round until your ready for that time of year to go have some fun again ! Our designated Boat storage is a great place to store your RV or Boat, and give you the peace of mind to plan your next cross-country or water adventure. We know your RV is a big investment, but you can rest assured that your RV will be in good hands.
  • Boat Storage & Detailing 
  • Refueling
  • Trash and Waste Services 

Colorado Springs RV Maintenance

Up keep on a Big Vehicle such as a RV or a Boat can be a daunting task that everyone dreads no matter how much you love your Getaway on Wheels. At Switzer Endeavors we are here to help we make maintenance feel like a breeze. Let us handle all of Cosmetic and maintenance needs. 
Things We can do for you 

  • Propane Checks 
  • General Maintenance
  • Trailer Mounting 
  • Lift Systems 
  • Awnings
  • Electrical Problems 

Colorado Springs RV Detailing

  If you’re looking to protect your RV from the elements and ensure that the paint continues to look brand new for years to come, trust Switzer when it comes to RVs, we’re the best in the state. Detailing an RV properly is a big job, and if you want it done right then hiring the experts at Switzer Endeavors is the only way to go.
    We know that for RV owners, their vehicle is a getaway on wheels that’s why we treat your RV with the same care that you do. We make to get your vehicle sparkling without using invasive techniques that create leaks and damage seals. We want to be sure that when we pull away from your driveway or our Parking lot, you’re a happy customer with a vehicle that looks better than new.